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Healthy Eating

Eat smart - what you eat and how much you eat are important. Food is the fuel for your body. Without the right food, your body just can’t work well. And too much or too little food are both bad. Too little food and you run out of energy. Too much food and you are carrying around an extra load - it slows you down.

Try a New Fruit or Veggie 
Have Fun with Fruit and Vary Your Veggies!

Fruit and Veggie Quiz 
Can you name these?

BAM! Body and Mind  (CDC)
Food and Nutrition

Spot The Block Campaign: For Tweens  (FDA)
How do you Spot the Block? It’s easy! Just look for the Nutrition Facts Label on food packages. Once you spot it, you’ll have all the information you need for comparing foods to make smart choices 
Nutrition information for girls

ChooseMyPlate  (USDA)
MyPlate is designed to remind you to eat healthy meals

Don't forget to drink water, especially when it's hot! Every part of your body needs water. It is in each of the cells in our bodies. Exercise keeps you fit, but in very hot weather, try to do it in the cooler hours. Keep water handy and drink plenty of it.

Lets Talk about Water and Health
How water helps you stay health

Let's Move 
By eating right and being active, you can be healthy and achieve your dreams.

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