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Climate Change and Health

thermometer Scientists agree that the Earth’s climate is changing. Over the past 100 years, Earth has warmed by about 1º F. They expect Earth to get warmer. Heat waves, droughts, and hurricanes may happen more often and be more dangerous. The oceans may become more acid. Right now, the change in the earth’s climate is still small.

Burning fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This is the main reason why the climate is changing. Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere.

Fossil fuels are things like coal, gasoline, and natural gas.

Climate change can affect more than just the weather. It can affect crops, farm animals, wild plants and animals, and human health.

The NIEHS is studying the effects of climate change on human health. What they learn about climate change, energy, and health will help everyone make good decisions for the future.

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What is Climate?

Climate is the average weather. It includes things like temperature, rain and snow amounts, and wind speed. Earth's climate has been changing constantly over its 5-billion-year history.

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