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Natural World

The natural world is a huge part of our environment.

It may seem like we live entirely in a man-made world. Cities, towns, homes, schools, cars, roads, and computers are all made by man. But the natural world is all around us, all the time. The earth is under those cities and towns. We breathe the air and drink the water that come from the natural world. The sun sends light and heat to the whole planet.

Explore our natural world!

Click on the links below to learn more about your environment, your health, and how NIEHS plays an important role in learning more about how the two are connected.

Home Planet Earth 
The atmosphere, climate, and our health

Space & Earth Science! 
Earth and space science help us learn more about our planet's environment

Quotations on Science and the Mysteries of the Universe 
Quotes from the famous and not-so-famous

Color Our World Bright and Beautiful 
How science uses color

Ever wondered why the sky is blue?  Or why sunsets are red? 
Scientists have the answers

Colors Help Scientists with Their Work! 
Flame tests for metals

Climate History 
Is climate change something new?

Greenhouse Gases and the Greenhouse Effect 
Why gases like carbon dioxide can change climate

Earthquakes and Tsunamis 
How they happen and what you should do if one strikes

Hurricane Katrina  A Storm of Environmental Health Challenges!

Quotations on the Environment and Nature
Quotes and wise sayings

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