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Mystery Word — Crossword Puzzle!

Here is a puzzle for you to solve along with a friend or family member. Use the clues in the right column below to fill in the vertical spaces, and find the mystery word that reads ACROSS the page. Solutions to all the clues can be found in these "My World Indoors" web pages. To erase a letter, just go back over it. To erase the screen, return to the last index, and select this page again.


  1. When some things burn, this goes into the air.
  2. Tiny pockets of the lung.
  3. Mineral that breaks up into very small fibers; once used often in building materials.
  4. Molds spread by these.
  5. It grows on damp things.
  6. Name of Rosie's friend in the Make a Difference Article.
  7. We breathe it.
  8. Tiny bits of it float in the air.
  9. Main air tubes inside the lung.
  10. Many people are allergic to these tiny things produced in flowers.
  11. You have two of these inside your chest.
2.      11.
 4.5.  10.

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Mystery Word Answers!

Here are the answers, with the mystery word (evaporation) in the aqua boxes!

1.       R  
S      8.O  
M2.     DN 11.
OA 4.5.  UC10.L
 LEE F   E 
 ISS     N 


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