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It's bad for the environment (and people too!)

River and Stream Pollution 
What makes our rivers and streams dirty?

Water and My World
Games and fun activities

Air and My World Indoors
Games and fun activities

Asthma and Allergies and their Environmental Triggers
Causes and prevention

Gulf Oil Spill
What NIEHS is doing about the huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Quotations on the Environment and Nature
Quotes from famous and no-so-famous people


Now find out more about some kinds of pollution

Is it in your water?

Carbon Monoxide 
Watch out for this poison gas

Electric and Magnetic Fields 
Do they have bad effects on health?

Lead Poisoning 
What is Lead, and why should I care?

Know Where Lead Might be Hiding 
Is there lead in your home?

Find out about this liquid metal

Air pollutant or shield from ultraviolet rays? 

An invisible gas that may leak into homes and other buildings.

Uranium and Radiation 
MRI's, X-Rays, and Other Positive Uses of Uranium, Radioactivity, and Nuclear Technologies!