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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle — Three great ways YOU can eliminate waste and protect your environment!

Waste, and how we choose to handle it, affects our world's environment—that's YOUR environment. The environment is everything around you including the air, water, land, plants, and man-made things. And since by now you probably know that you need a healthy environment for your own health and happiness, you can understand why effective waste management is so important to YOU and everyone else. The waste we create has to be carefully controlled to be sure that it does not harm your environment and your health.  

What exactly is "waste?"

Waste is anything we throw away or get rid of, that doesn’t get used.

How can you help?

You can help by learning about and practicing the three R's of waste management: Reduce, reuse, and recycle! Practicing all three of these activities every day is not only important for a healthy environment, but it can also be fun too. So let's take a minute right now to learn more about waste and waste management, so you can become a key player in making our world a safe and healthy place.

Making Good Use of Garbage!

NIEHS's 'Worm Wigwams' Welcome Wiggly Waste Watchers
Composting bins use worm to turn organic waste into usable mulch.

Compact Fluorescent Lights
Saving energy means less greenhouse gases will get into the air.

EPA Recycle City 
Explore how the city's residents recycle, reduce, and reuse waste.

EPA Dumptown Game 
Welcome! You are Dumptown's new City Manager!

Quotations on the Environment and Nature 
What have people said?

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