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Would You Make a Good Environmental Health Scientist?

Which do you like?

  • Being outdoors,
  • Using a computer, or
  • Helping people.

All three are good answers! Lots of environmental health scientists work outside, investigating the environment. Others spend most of their time in the laboratory, or work with computers. All environmental health scientists are helping to improve human health, every day.

It takes many different kinds of scientists to put together the whole picture of our environment and how it affects our health.

How about you?

Are you curious? Do you like numbers? Do you like adventures? If so, maybe you should become a scientist! A good scientist is curious and asks lots of questions—

  • How does something work?
  • What is inside?
  • Why does that happen?

Find out more about being an Environmental Health Scientist at Getting Your Own Lab Coat

Then you can come back here to explore careers in environmental health .

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