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Science and Scientists

What is science and who are scientists?

Science is a way of organizing what we already know and learning more by experiments.

Scientists use the scientific method to learn about the world.

There are a lot of different branches of science. Here are a few of the more common sciences:

biology is the study of living things
zoology is the study of animals
botany is the study of plants
chemistry is the study of the elements (like carbon) and their compounds (like carbon dioxide)
biochemistry - if you combine biology and chemistry, you get biochemistry - the chemistry of living things
geology is the study of rocks and the earth
astronomy is the study of stars, planets, moons, and everything in space
meteorology is the study of the weather
physics is the study of energy - light, sound, heat, electricity, and motion
anthropology is the study of humans

The different kinds of scientists are named for what they study. Biologists study biology. Zoologists study animals. So there are botanists, chemists, geologists, astronomers, and many more!

Science is all about getting answers to questions -

  • Why? 
  • When?  
  • Where?  
  • What?  
  • Who?  

Scientists are curious - they want to know the answers.  Then they want to share what they learn.

What kind of scientist do you think you might like to be?  Think about what interests you - is it volcanos?  Then maybe you’d like to be a vulcanologist, a special kind of geologist. Is it grasshoppers and wasps?  Then entomology is for you - that’s the study of insects. There’s more than a whole world of science, since you might even study things far beyond our earth, and be an astronomer.

Dream Big

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