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Classroom Bloopers Part II - 5th and 6th Grade Classes

Here are some more amusing answers given to classroom science questions by 5th and 6th graders. Some of the answers are not completely wrong, but they all offer funny ways of looking at the world around us! But be sure to check out the "FACTS" listed below each by clicking on the box so you'll have the real scoop!

  Horse running  One horsepower is the amount of energy it takes to drag a horse 500 feet in one second.



Thunder cloudYou can listen to thunder after lightning and tell how close you came to getting hit. If you don't hear it, you got hit, so never mind.


ExplosionWhen they broke open molecules, they found they were only stuffed with atoms. But when they broke open atoms, they found them stuffed with explosions.


Stork carrying babyTalc is found on rocks and on babies.


The law of gravity says "no fair jumping up without coming back down."



Man running around boxWhen people run around and around in circles we say they are crazy. When planets do it we say they are orbiting.


Rainbows are just to look at, not to really understand.


Lab flask

To most people solutions mean finding the answers. But to chemists solutions are things that are still all mixed up.


Someday we may discover how to make magnets that can point in any direction.


A vibration is a motion that cannot make up its mind which way it wants to go.


South America has cold summers and hot winters, but somehow they still manage.




Water freezes at 32 degrees and boils at 212 degrees. There are 180 degrees between freezing and boiling because there are 180 degrees between north and south.


There are 26 vitamins in all, but some of the letters are yet to be discovered. Finding them all means living forever.


There is a tremendous weight pushing down on the center of the Earth because of so much population stomping around up here these days.


Lime is a green-tasting rock.


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