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Just 15 Years Ago...

(before the "computer age")


An application was for employment

 Paper application and pen


A program was a television show

television set


Windows were something you hated to clean



A keyboard was a piano



A cursor used profanity


 Memory was something you lost with age

 finger with string tied around it

A CD was a bank account

a cd-rom


Compress was something you did to garbage

 full garbage can


Log on was adding wood to a fire

 fire in fireplace


A hard drive was a long trip on the road

moving car 


A mouse pad was where a mouse lived

 a computer mouse and pad


And a backup happened to your toilet

 dog plunging a toilet


Cut you did with scissors

 moving scissors


Paste you did with glue

rubber cement 


A web was a spider's home

 spider dropping from web

And a virus was the flu!!!

 sick man



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