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Games & Puzzles

Birds Matching Game 
Match the birds to their favorite foods

Can you tell where these children live by the clothes they are wearing?

Frog Leap Brainteaser Game
Help six little frogs get across the pond.

Goldfish Maze
Can the goldfish find its way home?

Hidden Pictures:
Find what's hidden in these pictures.

At the Farm hidden picture

At the Farm
At the Sea hidden picture

In the Sea!
Johnny Appleseed hidden picture

Johnny Appleseed
Wooly Mammoth hidden picture

Wooly Mammoths


Hidden words physics puzzle

Hidden words science puzzle

Hidden words space puzzle

For every letter, think of a health problem that we might study at NIEHS.

Science Spelling Bee Game
Fill in the missing letters.

Lots of scramble words

Scrambled Science
Unscramble these words.

Guess This Tune
Listen to the tune, then guess the name of the song.

Decide which picture doesn't belong with the others.

Enjoy some holiday songs and then try our Holiday Brainteasters

Worm Maze (Vermicomposting)
Help the worm find its way through the maze

Can you find these?

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