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Not So Hard Riddles

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Warm up with some little ones below ...

What do you do with dead elements?

Where do fish keep their money?

What do you get when you cross an automobile with a household animal?

Mary's father has 4 children; three are named Nana, Nene, and Nini. So what is is the 4th child's name?

From what heavy seven-letter word can you take away two letters and have eight left?

What three numbers have the same answer when added together and multiplied together?

What bone has a sense of humor?

What did the leg bone say to the foot?

What did the rib cage say to the heart?

What force and strength
can not get through,
I with a gentle touch can do,
and many in the streets would stand,
were I not as a friend in hand.

What walks all day on its head?

What is round as a dishpan and no matter the size, all the water in the ocean can't fill it up?

I have many eyes but cannot see.
I have no mouth or nose, but always smell.
Do not eat my tree or you will be,
a very rare FATALITY!

The more of them you take, the more you leave behind. What are they?

He who has it doesn't tell about it. He who takes it doesn't know about it. He who knows what it is doesn't want it. What is it?

It lives without a body, hears without ears, speaks without a mouth, and is born in air. What is it?

I fasten it and it walks. I unfasten it and it stops. What is it?

What goes around and around the wood but never goes into the wood?

I have a little house in which I live all alone. My house has no doors or windows, and if I want to go out I must break through the wall. What am I?

Poke your fingers in my eyes and I will open wide my jaws. Linen cloth, quills, or paper, I am greedy and devour them all. Who am I?

It stands on one leg with its heart in its head. What is it?

What is is that you will break every time you name it?

What fastens two people yet touches only one?

I am the beginning of sorrow, and the end of sickness. You cannot express happiness without me, yet I am in the midst of crosses. I am always in risk, yet never in danger. You may find me in the sun, but I am never seen out of darkness.

What is put on a table and cut, but never eaten?

I am taken from a mine, and shut up in a wooden case, from which I am never released, and yet I am used by almost everybody. What am I?

I am around long before dawn.
But by lunch I am usually gone.
You can see me summer, fall, and spring.
I like to get on everything.
But when winter winds start to blow;
Burr, then it's time for me to go!
What am I?

What's full of holes but still holds water?

What has four fingers and one thumb, but is not alive?

How many letters are in the alphabet?

What grows in winter, dies in summer, and grows roots upward?

What flies without wings?

What is bigger when new and grows smaller with use?

You can draw me, fire me or fill me in. What am I?

Name three keys that unlock no doors.

What turns everything around, but does not move?

While walking across a bridge I saw a boat full of people. Yet on the boat there wasn't a single person. Why?

What has four legs, a head, and leaves?

What has wheels and flies, but is not an aircraft?

What happens when you throw a white rock into the Red Sea?
(Speaking of throwing things, take a minute now to learn more about how to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

What do you have when twenty rabbits step backwards?

What am I? I am the only thing that always tells the truth. I show off everything that I see. I come in all shapes and sizes. So tell me what I must be!

What happens twice in a week, and once in a year, but never in a day?

Where do you find roads without vehicles, forests without trees, and cities without houses?

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

What are two things you cannot eat for supper?

What is half of 2+2?

How many seconds are there in a year?

When asked what he does all day, a man answered that he sits and makes faces. What does he really mean?

What time is it when 12 cats chase a mouse?

What has a tongue, cannot walk, but gets around a lot?

What is black and white and read all over?

A man without eyes saw plums on a tree;
He neither took plums, nor left plums,
Now how can that be?

Twelve pears hanging high, twelve men passing by.
Each took a pear and left eleven hanging there.
How can this be?

There's a one story house that's all blue inside. The floor was blue, the lamps were blue,the walls were blue,everything was blue. So what color were the interior stairs?

What word looks the same upside down and backwards?

He has dust in his eye and a fan for a wing,
a leg akimbo on which he can sing,
and dye in his mouth instead of a sting
what is he?
[Note: This is actually a Robert Frost poem entitled "One Guess"]

Have you heard the saying what goes up must come down? Well what goes up and never goes down?

What word in the English language is always spelled incorrectly?

If an electric train is going east at 60 miles an hour and there is a strong westerly wind, which way does the smoke from the train drift.

What runs around a house but doesn't move?

What kind of fish chases a mouse?

What is a cat on Ice?

Do you know why orange juice is so smart?

This thing devours all,
Birds, beasts, trees, flowers,
Gnaws iron, bites steel,
Grinds hard stones to meal, Slays kings, ruins towns,
And beats high mountains down.
(by J. R. R. Tolkein)

Two mothers and two daughters go to a pet store and buy three cats. Each female gets her own cat. How is this possible?

What can you sit on, sleep on, and brush your teeth with?

If one child has 6 2/3 sand piles and another has 3 1/3, and you combine them, how many sand piles do you have?

While on Safari in the wild jungles of Africa, Professor Claudia woke one morning and felt something in the pocket of her pajamas. It had a head and a tail, but no legs. When Claudia got up she could feel it move inside of her pocket. However, Claudia showed little concern and went about her morning activities. Why wasn't she concerned?

I can sizzle like bacon,
I am made with an egg,
I have plenty of backbone, but lack a good leg,
I peel layers like onions, but still remain whole,
I can be long, like a flagpole, yet fit in a hole,
What am I?

You are in a room with 3 monkeys. One has a banana, one has a stick, one has nothing. Which primate in the room is the smartest?

What is gray, has a tail, and a trunk?

A horse is tied to a 20 foot long rope. The horse wants to get some water that is 30 feet away. The horse gets the water easily. How is this?

Here on earth it is always true,
that a day follows a day.
But there is a place where yesterday
always follows today!
What am I?

A boy goes and buys a fishing pole that is 6' 3" long. As he goes to get on the bus, the bus driver tells him that he can't take anything on the bus longer than 6'. The boy goes back to town, buys one more thing, and the bus driver allows him on the bus. What did he buy, and what did he do with it?

What weighs more—a ton of feathers or a ton of gold?

Scientists have proven that cats have more hair on one side then their other side. Some people believe that this is because when cats lay on their side they need insulation from the cold on the floor or ground. Which side of a cat has more hair?

A railroad crossing, look for the cars.
Can you spell all that without any R's?

Your mother's brother's only brother-in-law is asleep on your couch. Who is asleep on your couch?

Why is it so easy to weigh fish?

Why can't a man living in Winston Salem, NC, be buried west of the Mississippi?

Who can shave 25 times a day and still have a beard?

Which moves faster: heat or cold?

When young, I am sweet in the sun.
When middle-aged, I make you gay.
When old, I am valued more than ever.
What am I?

What is the greatest worldwide use of cowhide?

What's the difference between here and there?

What's colorless and weightless, but if you put it into a barrel, the barrel would become lighter?

What is better than the best thing, and worse than the worst thing?

What won't break if you throw it off the highest building in the world, but will break if you place it in the ocean?

What two things can you never eat for breakfast?

What runs but cannot walk?

What one word has the most letters in it?

What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in an hour?

What kind of rocks are on the bottom of the Mississippi River?

What kind of room has no windows or doors?

What kind of nut has no shell?

What kind of coat can be put on only when wet?

What is the moon worth?

Want to learn more about space science?

What is the longest word in the English language?

What is the center of gravity?

What has to be broken before it can be used?

What has no beginning, end or middle?

What is in the middle of nowhere?

What has a foot on each side and one in the middle?

What happened in the middle of the 20th Century that will not happen again for 4,000 years?

What grows when it eats, but dies when it drinks?

What grows up while growing down?

What goes up and down without moving?

What gets whiter the dirtier it gets?

What do you throw out when you want to use it, but take in when you don't want to use it?

What do you serve that you cannot eat?

What do the numbers 11, 69, and 88 all have in common?

What can you catch but not throw?

What can pass before the sun without making a shadow?

What can go up a chimney down, but can't go down a chimney up?

What can burn the eyes, sting the mouth, yet be eaten?

What can be swallowed, but can also swallow you?

What book was once owned by only the wealthy, but now nearly everyone can have it? You can't buy it in a bookstore or take it from a library?

The more you take, the more you leave behind. What are they?

The more you have of it, the less you see. What is it?

The capital of Turkey is a long word. Can you spell it?

Take off my skin and I won't cry, but you will, what am I?

Is an old hundred dollar bill better than a new one?

In what year did Christmas Day and New Year's Day fall in the same year?

In Oklahoma, you cannot take a picture of a man with a sign. Why not?

If you were to take two apples from three apples, how many would you have?

If you were standing directly on Antarctica's South Pole facing north, which direction would you travel if you took one step backward?

If you were locked in a concrete room with no windows or doors, and all you have with you is a bed and a calendar, how would you eat and drink?

If you have it, you want to share it, but if you share it, you don't have it. What is it?

If two's company, and three's a crowd, what are four and five?

If a rooster laid a brown egg and a white egg, what kind of chicks would hatch?

I know a word of letters three. Add two and fewer there will be. What is the word?

How much dirt is in a hole 4 feet deep and 2 feet wide?

How many times can you subtract the number 5 from 25?

How many bricks does it take to complete a building made of brick?

Forward I am heavy, but backward I am not. What am I?

Even if they are starving, natives living in the Arctic will never eat a penguin's egg. Why not?

Clara Clatter was born on December 27th, yet her birthday is always in the summer. How is this possible?

A skin have I, more eyes than one. I can be very nice when I am done. What am I?

What is the tallest building in town?

You are pushing your car. You stop at a hotel. At that precise moment you realize that you are bankrupt. What is actually going on?

As I was going to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives, the seven wives had seven sacks, the seven sacks had seven cats, the seven cats had seven kittens; kittens, cats, sacks and wives, how many were going to St. Ives?

What doesn't get any wetter, no matter how much rain falls on it?

The one who made it, didn't want it.
The one who bought it, didn't need it.
The one who used it, never saw it. What is it?

What sits in a corner while traveling all around the world?

What question can a person ask all day long, getting a different answer each time, and yet all the answers were correct.

What runs all day, but never walks
Often murmurs, never talks
Has a bed, but never sleeps
Has a mouth, but never eats?

If a father bull drinks 4 gallons of water a day and a baby bull drinks 2 gallons of water, how many gallons of water does a mother bull drink a day?

You come into a room with a table, chairs, and fifty-three Bicycles lying around. A man in the room is being accused of something. What is it?

What three word phrase describes the following:

I have a face, two arms, and two hands, yet I can not move. I count to twelve, yet I can not speak. I can still tell you something everyday.

You enter a dark room. You have only one match. There is an oil lamp, a furnace, and a stove in the room. Which would you light first?

What time is it when Sir Lancelot looks at his belly button?

What do you call a boomerang that doesn't work?

Buckets, barrels, baskets, cans; What must you fill with empty hands?

What do you get when you cross a banana peel with a computer?

A barrel of rainwater weighs twenty pounds. What must you add to make it weigh fifteen?

Pull one out and scratch my head. What once was red is black instead. What am I?

What is round on both ends and HI in the middle?

Jack and Jill were found gasping for breath, lying in a puddle of water with broken glass all around. What happened?

Hank is at work. He goes off to his right. Then he goes off to his left three times and passes a man in a mask. What is Hank's occupation?

A man turned out all the lights and went to bed. He woke up, saw something on the news and became very upset with himself. Why?

What did the ocean say to the sea?

Give me a quick "off-the-top-of-your-head" answer to this:
How many second's are there in a calendar year?

What did one math book say to the other math book?

Tommy's mom has three sons. The youngest son is named "Nickel". The middle son is named "Dime". What is the name of the oldest son?

Three people are standing under an umbrella looking at a hole in the center of it. Which one(s) is getting wet?

What needs an answer, but doesn't ask a question?

Why did the farmer feed his cow money?

Why was 6 afraid of 7?

Why did the elephant cross the road?

What goes up and down, but never moves?

Why did the little boy name his dog "Computer"?

What do you call a dog that is left-handed?

What vegetable goes in a cake that you bake for Lassie?

What do you call a cat that sucks on lemons?

What do you call a cat that lives in the desert?

What can be as big as a horse, but weighs nothing?

What disease did the cowboy get after trying to break his horse?

What do cats like to eat on a hot day?

jumping frog

What do you get when you cross a frog and a hare?

How did the mouse feel after the cat chased it through a screen door?

two snakes kissing

How do snakes end a fight?

Why did the hawk cross the road?

Three men were fishing. The boat flipped over and the three men fell into the water. Two of the men got their hair wet. Why didn't the third man's hair get wet?

What do you get when you pour warm water down a rabbit hole?

Why did the cow have a bad temper?

Why would a dog wear a clock around his neck?

A father and a son got into a car accident. The father went home to rest. The son was taken to the hospital for minor surgery. The doctor came in and said: "I shouldn't do any surgery on this boy because he's my son." How can that be?

A man rode into town on Tuesday and stayed in a hotel and two nights later he rode home on Tuesday. How is this possible?

What does a cat have that no other animals have?

Ten copy cats were sitting in a boat. One jumped out. How many were left?

What has two heads, four eyes, 6 legs and a tail?

What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?

There is a box smashed on the sidewalk. There is a package next to it, unopened. The equipment was ruined because the package didn't open. What's in the package?

There was an accident on the border between Canada and the US. Where would they bury the survivors?

Your Mom is in a room with you. Where is one place you can sit where your mom cannot sit?

How can you put you left hand in your right pocket and put your right hand in your left pocket without crossing your arms?

"SIX KINGS" can be converted into what word which describes a band of Scandinavian mariners?

What starts out on 4 legs, then goes to 2, then 3?

How come anteaters never get sick?

Animated ants

What goes up when the rain comes down?

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