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The Bear in Tennis Shoes (or "The Tale of a Bear" or "The Bear")

The first two lines of each verse, half the group sings, and half the group repeats -- the second two lines of each verses, both groups sing together.

The other day (group repeats), I met a bear (group repeats),
With tennis shoes
(group repeats), a dandy pair (group repeats).
The other day, I met a bear,
With tennis shoes, a dandy pair.

He looked at me (group repeats), I looked at him (group repeats),
He sized me up (group repeats), I sized up him (group repeats).

He looked at me, I looked at him,
He sized me up, I sized up him.

He said to me (group repeats), "Why don't you run? (group repeats),
I see you don't
(group repeats), have any gun (group repeats)."

He said to me, "Why don't you run?,
I see you don't, have any gun."

So I did run (group repeats), away from there (group repeats),
and right behind
(group repeats), me came that bear (group repeats).
So I did run, away from there,
and right behind, me came that bear.

Ahead of me (group repeats), I saw a tree (group repeats),
A great big tree
(group repeats), oh golly-gee (group repeats).
Ahead of me, I saw a tree,
A great big tree, oh golly-gee.

The only branch (group repeats), was 10 feet up (group repeats),
I'd have to jump
(group repeats), and trust my luck (group repeats).
The only branch, was 10 feet up,
I'd have to jump, and trust my luck.

And so I jumped (group repeats), into the air (group repeats),
But I missed that branch
(group repeats), away up there (group repeats).
And so I jumped, into the air,
But I missed that branch, away up there.

Now don't you fret (group repeats), now don't you frown (group repeats),
'Cause I caught that branch
(group repeats), On the way back down (group repeats).
Now don't you fret, now don't you frown,
'Cause I caught that branch, On the way back down.

The moral is (group repeats), no shocking news (group repeats),
Don't talk to bears
(group repeats), in tennis shoes (group repeats).
The moral is, no shocking news,
Don't talk to bears, in tennis shoes.

That's all there is (group repeats), there is no more (group repeats),
Unless I meet
(group repeats), that bear once more (group repeats).
That's all there is, there is no more,
Unless I meet, that bear once more.

The end, The end (group repeats), The end, The end (group repeats),
The end, The end
(group repeats), The end, The end (echo).
The end, The end, The end, The end,
The end, The end, The end, The end.