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Mister Christopher Columbus (lyrics only)

Author/Artist/Singer: Andy Kirk

Mister Christopher Columbus
Sailed the sea without a compass
When his men began a rumpus
Up spoke, Christopher Columbus

There is land somewhere
Until we get there,
We will not go wrong,
If we sing, "swing a song"

Since the world is round,
We'll be safe and sound
Til our goal is found,
We'll just keep rhythm bound

Soon the crew was makin merry
Then came a yell, "Let's drink to Isabelle"
"Hum, bring the rum, Ho Hum"

No more mutiny,
What a time at sea
With di-plo-ma-cy
Christy made his-to-ry

Mister Christopher Columbus
He used rhythm as a compass
Music ended all the rumpus
Wise old Christopher Columbus

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