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The Smile Song (or "I Have Something in My Pocket!") (lyrics only)

Author and copyright status unknown.

I have something in my pocket
That belongs upon my face
I keep it very close at hand
In a most convenient place

I think you wouldn't guess it
If you guessed a long long while
So I'll take it out and put it on
It's a great big happy smile.

Version 2 of "I Have Something in My Pocket!"

I have something in my pocket
that I found behind the log.
My teacher said to put it back,
but I wanna keep this frog!
It's cool and green and slimy
and it wiggles in my hand.
I also found this wiggly worm
and a pocket full of sand

Smile Theme Ideas

(1) Make a large chart and have each child contribute what gives them a smile on their face. They are always touching and amusing plus the parents love to see their child's response.
(2) Make happy faces out of playdough that can be baked (or dried) and painted. You only need to cut out a circle and decorate. They can then be given as gifts, made into magnets (depending on thickness) or glue a pin on the back to wear.
(3) Have the children make a paper plate puppet with a happy face on one side and a sad face on the other.
(4) Tell a story or read sentences about things that would make a person feel happy or sad. This can lead to a discussion on opposites or emotions.