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Oh Playmate, Come Out and Play With Me (Playmates)

Words and music by Saxie Dowell | Copyright 1940 by Santly-Joy-Select Inc.

There's a catchy little tune a floatin' through the air,
You hear it here and there,
They sing it ev'ry where
How it started, where it started
seems nobody knows.
But what's the diff'rence where it came from,
here's the way it goes.

Oh PLAYMATE, come out and play with me
And bring your dollies three.
Climb up my apple tree,
Look down my rain barrel
Slide down my cellar door
And we'll be jolly friends forever more.

It was a rainy day, She couldn't come out to play,
With tearful eyes and tender sighs
I could hear her say:

I'm sorry Playmate, I cannot play with you
My dollies have the flu,
Boo-hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo.
Can't climb your rain barrel, (or, Ain't got no rain barrel)
Can't slide your cellar door
[or, Ain't got no cellar door)
But we'll be jolly friends forever more.

Clapping Pattern

1. Clap your own hands together.
2. Clap both of your hands against your partner's hands.
3. Clap your own hands together.
4. Clap your partner's right hand with your right hand.
5. Clap your own hands together.
6. Clap your partner's left hand with your left hand.

You could also make the pattern more interesting and/or difficult by slapping your thighs, snapping your fingers, etc. The possibilities are endless!

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