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All I Ever Wanted (from "The Prince of Egypt")

Gleaming in the moonlight
Cool and clean and all
I've ever known
All I ever wanted
Sweet perfumes of incense
Graceful rooms of alabaster stone
All I ever wanted
This is my home
With my father, mother, brother
Oh so noble, oh so strong
Now I am home
Here among my trappings
and belongings
I belong
And if anybody doubts it
They couldn't be more wrong
I am a sovereign prince of Egypt
A son of the proud history
that's shown
Etched on ev'ry wall
Surely this is all I ever wanted
All I ever wanted
All I ever wanted.

This is your home, my son
Here the river brought you
And it's here the river meant
To be your home
Now you know the truth, love
Now forget and be content
When the gods send
you a blessing
You don't ask why it was sent.

From the movie "The Prince of Egypt," DreamWorks Records (1998).