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The Environmental Art and Poetry Gallery

(Contributed by Talented Young Artists and Writers!)

Artist's statement:

"This work reflects the twisted and crumbling relationship between humans and nature."

Artist: Brooke of Atlanta, Ga. This work was turned in as a sketchbook assignment for her high school art class. The medium is graphite. 

  Twisted tree with face  



by Liz-ann, 13 yrs, West Indies

Whales are God's creations,
Divine creatures made by the master.
Yet man in his dominating stature
Kills and plunder these innocent mammals.

Don't you hear them crying?
Crying out for you and for me?
Don't you hear them begging?
Begging us to stop our cruelty?

Fertilizers, lubricants and whale bone.
Are of no value, compared to these innocent souls.
Yet whalers go over the quota.
And the number of whales go under.

We must think of the future.
Killing the whales does more harm than good.
Conserve, do not plunder.
So the whales by the future generations would be known.

Save the whales.
Do not kill them.
Save the whales.


Learn more about whales at the National Aquarium  in Baltimore and the Whale Net  websites.


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