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Homonyms by the Seashore

Dig around for the seaside homonyms (words that sound the same, like sea-see or shore-sure) in these riddles! Type your answers in the empty box (or just remember them), and then check your answers.

  1. A bucket made
    For clams or sand;
    A shade of white,
    No color, bland!

  2. To stop from entry,
    A sandy band;
    A word for "the courts,"
    "Sweet" for gourmand.

  3. It’s great and good,
    And all okay;
    To surge or billow,
    Up and away!

  4. It’s water
    Rushing into shore;
    A knot that’s tight,
    And so secure.

  5. A friend, a chum,
    A noble one;
    To search and scan,
    A dock outrun.

  6. A curling wave,
    That crowns my pate;
    A stylist or searcher,
    A hair brusher’s date.

  7. A swell unfurls,
    My hand says "hi,"
    To change a rule,
    And let you go by.

(courtesy of Nancy Kendall)

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