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You and Your Genes

Designer Genes — They're the Boss!

Designer Genes  

Genes are the instructions — the marching orders — that direct our growth, what we look like, and how we react to things in our world, or environment.

Each human - whether infant, child, teen or adult - has 70,000 pairs of these orders, or genes. They tell our bodies' cells what to be and how to behave.

Do you remember transformer toys? You twisted them one way and they were space ships. 

You twisted them another way and they became robot warriors. Well, under the genes' orders, the cells become the ultimate in transformer robots. The genes instruct our original dab of cells, as they divide, to become different—muscle, bone, lung, or brain cells, or part of a toe. As a result of what the cells become and do, we grow. And we stand and run and catch footballs and dance—more or less with grace and skill. We breathe. We think!