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Bradley and the 2001-2002 KMAC Kids

  Bradley and the 2001-2002 KMAC Kids  

Ms. Helen Deatsch
and the 2001–2002 Hooker Oak School
KMAC Kids ,
Chico, California 95926

"Bradley and the Bad Pb Homepage

KMAC Kids understand that pure water, clean air, exercise, a nutritious diet and healthy personal choices affect the way they learn and live.

Hooker Oak School
1238 Arbutus Avenue
Chico, CA 95926

Special thanks to John Sweet, Helen Deatsch and Molly Sweet-Rhodes for helping us with our illustrations and to Bradley and his family for letting us tell his story. Additional thanks to Tom Barrett, Heath Associates, Diane Hoffman, Alice Kienzle, PHN and Aimee Myles, Health Educator, Butte County Department of Public Health and the California Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch, and to the physicians and scientist who answered our questions."Bradley and the Bad Pb", was produced by the Hooker Oak School KMAC Kids of Chico, California. "Bradley and the Bad Pb was created by and included here with the permission of the KMAC Kids 2001–2002 . KMAC stands for: Kids Making A Connection, Health & the Environment.

Water, The Never-Ending Story, was created by the KMAC Kids 2002  . KMAC stands for: Kids Making A Connection, Health & the Environment; KMAC activities were originally supported by an NIEHS grant in K-12 environmental health science education, "Toxrap" Network. You can learn more about NIEHS educational grant programs at the NIEHS Environmental Health Sciences K-12 Education Grants materials.