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The Lead Busters Club

and the
Lead Busters Club
Look for Lead


Sherman says, "I want to be safe from lead. I want to find dangerous lead in my neighborhood. I want to be a detective and find dangerous lead."

Henry says, "Me too."
Agatha says, "Me too."
Elisa says, "Me too."

Sherman says, "Let’s start a club. We can call it the Lead Busters Club. We can find dangerous Lead in our neighborhood." Henry, Agatha, and Elisa all say, "Yes! We want to be Lead Busters."

Agatha says,
"Let’s have a club motto. How about
  Magnifying glass  
'Looking for Lead'?"

Henry, Elisa, and Sherman agree.

Sherman says, "OK, Lead Busters, let’s go looking for lead." So they all go out and look for lead in their neighborhood.