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Sharon Cleans Up!

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Sharon had the day off from school. It was a day when teachers met and planned and did paperwork. Children got to stay home. Sharon was so happy she danced about to the music from her portable radio - her boombox. Sometimes she hoisted it to her shoulder so she heard the music really loud.

Her mother wouldn't let her play it loud indoors.

  Sharon dancing with stereo.  
  Loud music!    Very Very Loud!  

So, naturally, when Sharon got outside, she turned the radio's volume up.

Sharon wanted to find her friend Herman the Squirrel, who had helped her discover "the environment" all around her. It was just about everything, everywhere. Before long, Sharon spotted Herman high in his own home tree, looking over the edge of his nest to see where the noise was coming from. His fur was still ruffled from sleeping. He looked a little upset. "You woke me up," he complained.

  Herman in his nest.  
  Sharon still blares her music.  

Sharon ignored the complaint. "Sleepy-head!" she shouted up the tree. "You said you would help me clean the environment. And we'd better get busy. My teacher, Miss Clark, says if we don't clean it up soon, it may make us sick."

Herman peered over the top of his nest and yawned. "Oh, all right. But we'll need some help. Go get Rufus the Rabbit. He's fast and lively, and he probably has nothing better to do than eat carrots over in the Smiths' garden. I'll be down in a few minutes."

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