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Daniel Boone

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Lyrics by Vera Matson | Music by Lionel Newman. Copyright 1964, 1966 Twentieth Century Music Corporation, New York, NY.

Daniel Boone was a man,
Yes, a big man!
With an eye like an eagle
And as tall as a mountain was he!

Daniel Boone was a man,
Yes, a big man!
He was brave, he was fearless
And as tough as a mighty oak tree!

From the coonskin cap on the top of ol' Dan
To the heel of his rawhide shoe;
The rippin'est, roarin'est, fightin'est man
The frontier ever knew!

Daniel Boone was a man,
Yes, a big man!
And he fought for America
To make all Americans free!

What a Boone, what a do-er,
What a dream come-er true-er was he!

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