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Columbus, a Great Crazy Sailor

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By David Saphra (1998)

In the middle of the month of October
We take a break...
To remember
A great, crazy sailor
Who came all the way from Spain
In three little ships
The Nina, the Pinta
And the Santa Maria
Christopher Columbus was his name

In the middle of the month of October
Just when it starts...
Growing colder
The falling leaves remind me
Of a time so long ago
In 1492
When Columbus first came to America
He wanted to get to Old India
But he got here and discovered something new
In the middle of the month of October...

sailor looking over his boat into the distance of the sea
For teachers
Discovery Lake Shares a Moment of Wonder
Discovery Lake offered up a head shaking, head scratching moment on Tuesday, June 21, 2016 around lunchtime, producing a scene that hadn’t been witnessed here. In the midst of a substantial rain event, the entire lake surface became patterned as if some unseen force had created channels in the water.
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