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There's Room for Everyone (from "Pete's Dragon")

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Music by Joel Hirschhorn, Al Kasha and Irwin Kostal

From an ant, to a bird to a buffalo herd.
Let them walk and fly and roam.
Step aside, let them live, it's simple to give;
like us they just need a home.

There's room for everyone in this world,
back up and make some room.
Let's all move over and share this world,
everyone make some room.

Just think how far out the ocean goes,
the whirling wind blows
shore to shore, door to door.
Think of the valleys, the mountaintops
the Earth never stops.
So deep so high, with miles of sky
we all have part of the pie.

There's room for everyone in this world,
stand back and make some room.
Spread out while Elliot gets uncurled,
fly on his back and ZOOM!

Rock him, and ride him, and line up beside him,
you'll see how quickly you'll blend
a dragon is just one more stranger
in search of a friend.

There's room for everyone in this world,
everyone make some room.
Love given freely can spare this world,
let friendly feelings bloom!

Just give an inch, give a yard, never flinch
when the time comes to offer a hand,
and let's all make sure
we give everyone somewhere to stand,
just the way God planned it,
just the way God planned.

From the Walt Disney Productions movie "Pete's Dragon" (1977).

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