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What Is Climate Change?

What Is Climate Change

graphic of climate change events

Global warming may be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear someone say “climate change.” It’s more than just rising temperatures, though. It includes any changes in ice and snow cover, sea level, temperature, rainfall, snow, and wind patterns that last for a long time.

Some climate change is normal for the Earth, due to natural causes such as changes in the Earth’s orbit. Human activities, such as burning fossil fuels, also contribute to climate change. Scientists worry that human activities increase the rate of climate change, which can seriously affect our:

  • Coastlines
  • Crops
  • Economy
  • Energy usage
  • Health
  • Outdoor activities
  • Water resources
  • Wildlife

Some content courtesy of the National Library of Medicine.

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Did you know when temperatures rise, people use more electricity? This means more fossil fuel is burned. As more fossil fuel burns, more air pollution is created. This can lead to more respiratory (breathing) disease.
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