Numbers and Initials Puzzles!

Numbers and Initials Puzzles!

Numbers & Initials Puzzles!


Each question contains a number and some initials for a commonly recognized phrase, or an item that has something to do with that number. FIGURE OUT THE PHRASE AND WRITE IT IN THE EMPTY BOX. Some of these are very hard, but the number is your best clue -- think about things that start with those initials that involve that number!

16 O. in a P.


Here you go!

And remember...this game does not measure your intelligence, your fluency with words, and certainly not your mathematical ability. It will, however, give you some idea of your mental flexibility and creativity. Few people can solve more than half of the questions on the first try. Many, however, reported getting answers long after the test had been set aside, particularly at unexpected moments when their minds were relaxed. Some reported solving questions over a period of several days.

Take this as a personal challenge, and challenge your parents and friends! And if you can't think of an answer now, bookmark this page or jot the question down, and see if the answer comes to mind later. Sometimes we can see something more clearly if we put it aside for a little while to clear our minds.

Newest contributions:

31 = F at B.R.

5 f on a h

4 L on a D

12 N. on a C.

50 s. in USoA

Two from the music world:

9 N on the T.C.

21 N. on the G.S.

And these could be about anything!

7 D. in S. W.

A S. in T. S. 9

26 L. of the A.

7 D. of the W.

7 B. for 7 B.

7 W. of the W.

4 Q. in a G.

24 H. in a D.

1001 A. N.

60 S. in a M.

12 = Number of S. of the Z.

54 = Number of C. in a D. (WITH J'S)

8 = Number of P. IN THE S.S.

88 = Number of P. K.

13 = Number of S. on the A. F.

32 D. F., at which W. F.

90 D. in a R. A.

18 = Number of H. on a G. C.

$200 for P. G. in M.

8 = Number of S. on a S. S.

3 B. M., S. H. T. R.)

76 T. L. the B. P.

5 = Number of D. in a Z. C.

H. 57

11 = Number of P. on a F. T.

A P. is W. 1000 W.

29 = Number of D. in F. in a L. Y.

64 = Number of S. on a C. B.

40 D. and N. of the G. F.

9 = Number of J. on the S. C.

99 B. OF B. on the W.

1 H. on a U.

15 M. on a D. M. C.

21 = Number of D. on a D.

1 W. on a U.

365 D. in a Y.

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