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Fun Stuff for Little Kids

Fun Stuff for Little Kids

More fun for you, including games and stories!

Hidden Pictures:

Find what's hidden in these pictures.

It was a dark and gloomy day on Frankie's 8th birthday.
Clean water is important to every living thing. Plants, animals, and humans all need clean water for drinking, bathing, and hundreds of other activities every day. Some creatures, like frogs, depend on clean water for their homes!
Bradley and the Bad Pb, Crabby Kathy, Dustmitezilla!, Lead Busters Club, Mama Didn't Know, etc. Let's read!
Decide which picture doesn't belong with the others.
Help the worm find its way through the maze.
A Green Smiley Face Laughing
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Lots of laughs! Gallons of giggles!
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