First Grade, First Grade

First Grade, First Grade
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Sung to the tune of "New York, New York."

New York, New York melody by Ebb-Kander 

Start spreading the news
We're leaving today.
We want to be a part of
First grade, first grade

We've worked very hard
Our teacher is proud.
So open up those doors to
First grade, first grade.

We know our alphabet
And numbers too.
We all can write our names
And tie our shoes!

So when summer's done
And we're finished with play
Our mom's will send us to
First grade, first grade.

If we can make it here
We'll make it anywhere
So here we come
First grade, first grade.

young children playing around letters and numbers
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This is a song sung by kindergarten children to celebrate graduating to first grade. You can end it by hooking arms and kicking your legs like a chorus line while singing: