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Water Conservation at NIEHS

Water Conservation at NIEHS

North Carolina lake drying up

The 2007–2008 drought in central North Carolina led to low water levels in many reservoirs. NIEHS took steps to conserve water during this drought.

Some things NIEHS is doing to cut water use —

  • Cooling tower operations for the air conditioning system have been improved. A water treatment system on our cooling towers makes it possible to reuse some of the water.
  • Outdoor watering of our gardens and lawns has been eliminated. Water from our lake is sometimes used for watering during dry weather.
  • The Cafeteria no longer washes dishes and instead uses compostable trays, plates, and cups.
  • Waterless urinal units have been installed in the bathrooms.
  • Water-reducing faucet aerators are installed on all restroom sinks.
  • "Waterless" hand sanitizer dispensers are installed in all on-campus facilities.
  • Low-flow shower heads are installed in all locker rooms.
  • Changes have been made to reduce how much water is used to wash laboratory equipment.
  • Our cars and trucks are not washed during droughts.
  • Leaks are found and fixed right away.
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