Make Your Own Jumping Frog Game

Make Your Own Jumping Frog Game

You can make your own game.

What you need:

  • stiff paper, like index cards or ads from junk mail or magazines a small box or a paper plate
  • Fold your paper into origami frogs—it’s easy! Go to Jumping Frog and follow the easy directions.

Remember, if you reuse paper from junk mail or ads, you are helping the environment, too. Use markers or crayons to color them, if you want.

To make your frog jump, press one finger on the back of the frog. Then slide your finger off to the back—Pop! The frog will jump. Practice a few times till you get your frog to leap every time.

Help your friends make their own jumping frogs.

Put your box or paper plate on a table—that’s the frog pond. Start with everyone’s frog at about the same distance from the pond. Try to leap your frogs into the pond. Who can get their frog into the pond first?

You can race your frogs, too!

The more people who play, the more fun it is. Even parents can play—but you'll have to teach them how to fold their own jumping frogs!

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