Rosie and Riff Talk to Dr. Cindy Jumper, a Lung Doctor

Rosie and Riff Talk to Dr. Cindy Jumper, a Lung Doctor

Rosie and Riff Talk to Dr. Cindy Jumper, a Lung Doctor


Dr. Jumper, what do you do?
I'm a lung doctor. People who might have asthma or bronchitis, or lung damage from smoking, come to me. I work in a hospital and teach in a medical school. I also study how pollution affects people's lungs.

How did you decide to be a doctor?
When I was in school, I volunteered at a hospital. I got to work in the emergency room, and I really liked it. Later I became a nurse. I was one of only a few nurses in a small town, so I learned to do almost everything. But I wanted to do even more, so I decided to become a doctor.

Dr. Jumper working at the hospital

Have you always been interested in science?
Yes, especially in how the body works. I liked chemistry a lot, and I've always thought being in a lab was fun!

What do you like most about your work?
I like having the chance to do so many different things. Sometimes I can help people who are very ill, and that is exciting. I love to be able to keep learning and to teach others.

Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?
I'd like to say, "Learn to be responsible for yourself; the things you do today can affect you, and maybe even your children, many years from now. If you decide to smoke, for example, think about what it might do to your body. You're still going to be in that same body in 50 years! Take care of it, starting now!

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