What NIEHS Is Doing

What NIEHS Is Doing

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Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

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NIEHS is a part of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. The Global Alliance is helping people get clean household cooking stoves. Clean, efficient cookstoves can help save lives, improve people’s daily lives, and fight climate change. The Alliance has a goal of "100 by 20." This means 100 million homes in the developing world should be able to have clean and efficient stoves by 2020.

Three billion people, nearly half of the people in the world, use stoves that are not efficient when they cook their daily meals. They use cookstoves or open fires that burn wood, coal, or dung. The stoves produce smoke that causes 1.9 million deaths each year. Burning wood, coal, or dung also adds to climate change by releasing greenhouse gases.

Over the past eight years, NIEHS has invested an estimated $9 million in research on cookstoves and their health effects.

Global Environmental Health

Two goals at NIEHS are to protect and improve global environmental health.

Global Environmental Health at NIEHS includes research around the world, training young scientists from foreign countries, and working with scientists from countries around the world .

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