Your Mouth & Teeth!

Your Mouth & Teeth!

Your Mouth & Teeth!
chew on this

Teeth are alive. Even though the outside of your teeth seems very hard, it can be attacked by bacteria that cause decay. The slime you feel on your teeth in the morning is made mostly of bacteria. YUCK! Use a brush with soft bristles to brush your teeth gently up and down after meals. Next you need to floss. Dental floss looks like string. Slide it between your teeth and rub it along the sides of each tooth.

Neat Teeth

Pearly whites or choppers, incisors or canines,
molars or bicuspids. You need them at all times.
They cut and chew and grind. They bite and break and tear.
They mish and mash and mush. They get a lot of wear.
They have a messy job, but clean they need to stay.
For that you brush and floss, to keep decay away!

Food comes into your body through your mouth...

Try holding your nose while you taste an apple. What do you notice?

SMELL is important for sensing flavors in food too!

SALIVA, from glands in your mouth, start digesting starchy foods, like bread.

Your TEETH cut, mash, and grind foods into small pieces that mix with saliva.

Your TONGUE helps in chewing and swallowing. You also need it for talking.

TASTE BUDS on your tongue and in your mouth send messages to your brain about flavors in food, including salty, sweet, sour and bitter.

Younger kids have 20 teeth that eventually fall out to make way for 32 permanent teeth in adults.

Food comes into your body through your mouth
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