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Mr. Yuk

Mr. Yuk

Mr. Yuk
Is he in your home?

Do you know who Mr. Yuk is? We hope so! He's a very good friend who reminds you that some things you might find in your house, school, or other places could make you very sick.

How does he do his job? Well, when you eat something bad, have you ever made a face like Mr. Yuk's? If so, then you can see why his "yukky" face will remind you to be careful not to touch, eat, or drink things that will make you sick! Every Mr. Yuk sticker also tells you and your family who to call for help, including the toll-free poison help telephone number, 800-222-1222. And he has his own song! You might want to learn it so you don't forget what his picture means to you and your good health.

Mr. Yuk was created by the Pittsburgh Poison Center at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh to help you stay healthy. Each sticker has the national toll-free Poison Help telephone number 800-222-1222. When you dial that number, your call will be routed to the nearest poison information center where you will receive free, 24 hour per day emergency help. Look in the phone book for your local Poison Control Center and ask for "Mr. Yuk" telephone number stickers for use in a poisoning. Or you can get the location of your nearest center at Find Your Poison Center.

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Since 1998, the NIEHS/EPA Children's Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Research Centers have studied individual, regional, national, and global environmental exposures and the effects on children’s health.
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