Campers Learn about Everyday Chemistry

Campers Learn about Everyday Chemistry

Campers Learn about Everyday Chemistry

Science and Everyday Experiences
Durham, North Carolina, June 25, 2011

a group of young scientists

About 40 kids, ages 9 through 14, came to a half-day summer camp called "Science and Everyday Experiences." The camp showed kids how science is a part of everyday life and how "chemistry is everywhere." The campers and some parents had a fun time with the help of scientists from the government and colleges in the area.

The younger campers learned about about acids, bases, and polymers. They also used balloons and petroleum jelly to learn about air pressure.

The older campers tried their hands at making two different polymers, Oobleck and Goop. The older campers also ran some experiments on the chemistry of cooked cabbage using acids and bases.

An experiment with dry ice showed the kids how matter can change from a solid to a gas.

Women from the Durham Alumnae Chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority hold the day camp every year because they want all kids to get interested in science.

The parents who came to the camp found out that they can teach their own kids about science and math every day at home. One Mom said that, "I think that if you can do math and science, you can do anything."

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Your parents or teachers might be able to find an after-school or summer camp program where you can learn more about chemistry and science. Right now, you can also do some fun science Be a Scientist and science Science Experiments.

Parents and teachers can read the full article about the camp in Environmental Factor.