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Watch this video to see what happens when you wring out a wet towel while floating in space.

Young scientist with test tubes and beakers

The world of science is one of constant experimentation. But what does that word, experimentation, actually mean? Experimentation is the act or process of trying out a new procedure, idea, or activity. The scientists at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences do a lot of "experimenting" to determine how things in our environment affect our bodies. Their experiments help us determine what role environmental exposures and/or our unique genetic structures play with regard to human health. Armed with such knowledge, they may be able to discover some way to prevent that from happening.

2013-04-16 - CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield performed a simple science experiment designed by grade 10 Lockview High School students Kendra Lemke and Meredith Faulkner. The students from Fall River, Nova Scotia won a national science contest held by the Canadian Space Agency with their experiment on surface tension in space using a wet washcloth.

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