Fall is a Time for Change

Fall is a Time for Change

Fall is a Time for Change

graphic of happy boys and girls jumping with leaves falling

Fall is a time for change, back to school, and planting! Get outside and enjoy the cooler nights. Learn more about animals, the leaves in your backyard, the fall season, and much more.

Are Leaves Headed for a Fall: What Leads Up to the Color Change - School has resumed and holidays are just around the corner. What does that mean for vivid autumn and fall leaf colors here in the Triangle?

Columbus, a Great Crazy Sailor - by David Saphra (1998)

It's Not Just "Pane-ful," It Can Be Deadly - This article was prompted by concern over a bird observed attacking a set of windows in Keystone in October.

Leaf it to the Trees to Know What's Best - Leaf retention adds an additional dimension to the winter wood-scape by providing color and texture that might otherwise be lost.

Needleless to Say, It Does Look Strange - Pines shed older needles in the fall and the amount of loss can be significant on a healthy large tree without incurring detrimental effects.

Oh Deer, Have You Herd? - Deer observations, a human’s perspective.

What's Happening Outside Now? - Find out about the transition from summer to winter and what's occurring.

You Sure We're in the Right Line? – Turkeys in NC Counties - Wild turkeys are very secretive and it’s exceptional to see one during daylight hours.