Cruise the Body's AIR-Ways!

Cruise the Body's AIR-Ways!

Where does the air go when you breathe?

Follow the path that air takes inside your body:

Starting at the top at number "2" and connect the EVEN numbers to see the path where you breathe IN.

Then start at the bottom at number "1" and  connect the ODD numbers to find the path where you breathe OUT!

the body's airways

The graphic shows a picture of air entering into the body through the nose, and traveling into the lungs.

  • The inside of your nose is full of smell receptors.
  • Air moves your vocal cords so you can speak.
  • Food goes to your stomach through another tube.
  • After air gets to your lungs, it moves from there into the bloodstream.
  • Your ribs protect all the organs in your chest. Can you feel your ribs move in and out as you breathe?
  • Carbon Dioxide also leave the blood from the lungs and is expelled when you exhale.


The blue line is oxygen going in, and the yellow line is carbon dioxide going out

the body's airways, with path marked
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