Water, the Neverending Story

Water, the Neverending Story

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Water, the Neverending Story Water, the Neverending Story
Water, the Never-Ending Story

Story was created by the KMAC Kids 2001-2002.

Dinosaurs roaming the Earth

Did you know that dinosaurs might have drunk the same water we drink today?

Earth pictured as a terrarium

Living on the earth is like living in a terrarium. All the water on the earth has always been here.

Earth, water, rainbow, sun

The water that we have never goes away and new water is never created. You might say the water we use is recycled!

A graphic presentation of the hydrological cycle

Water changes form as it moves through the water cycle. Scientists have learned that the water cycle (They call it the Hydrological Cycle.) helps to purify the water.

Lots of trash on the earth--pollution

When the soil and air are polluted it is harder for the water to get clean.

Clouds with raindrops falling on the rivers

Sometimes water takes on a liquid form. That's called precipitation. Rainwater falls to the earth and flows down to the rivers and streams.

Snow falling on the mountains

Sometimes when the air is very cold the rainwater becomes a solid and turns into ice and snow.

Water accumulating from rain

Water accumulates in lakes and oceans and even in underground aquifers.

Sun shining, rainbow glowing, and flowers growing

As the sun shines on the water and warms it, a tiny invisible gas is formed. This part of the cycle is called evaporation.

Water molecules rising and forming clouds.

As the water molecules rise, they form around small particles of dust and dirt creating clouds.

Clouds rising; rain beginning to fall.

As the clouds rise more and more, water is collected. When the water molecules get too heavy they rain back down to earth, starting the cycle all over again.

The human body, made up of water.

The human body is more than 70% water. Next to oxygen, water is the most important element (part) of our life.

A person drinking, cooking, and taking a bath.

We drink water. We bathe and shower in water. We use water for cooking.

A person standing on 70 gallons of water.

Each person uses about 70 gallons of water each day. (That is a lot of water!)

A person taking a bath with 36 gallons of water.

Did you know it takes 36 gallons of water to fill a bathtub?

A pie chart showing a small slice for fresh water.

Out of all the water on the earth only 1% is fresh water that can be used for drinking.

Pictures of all the things mentioned that waste water.

We can all help conserve water by doing things like filling the dishwasher before using it, shutting off the water when we brush our teeth, turning off the faucet when you wash the car and filling the tub less full.

Picture of a dry cleaners polluting the water supply.

Water can get contaminated with many different things. Sometimes it happens when people are careless with the chemicals they use in their homes and businesses.

Sick boy drinking water.

Every year thousands of people get sick from contaminated water.

People around the earth holding hands.

Everyone must work together to have and keep clean water. Our lives depend on it!

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