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Hatches in the Pines

Hatches in the Pines

Bird house
Woods surrounding NIEHS
Inside of birdhouse

Phase I of Hatches in the Pines consists of 12 special built single-family dwellings. Each 1720 x (10-4) sq ft ranch is constructed with “MADE in AMERICA” materials and is situated on a heavily wooded 6 acre lot. The Eco Friendly houses are energy efficient, with natural lighting, high ceilings, wooden floors, natural heat and cooling, and water. The open living area allows for flexibility, offering ample living space for the entire family while maintaining a feeling of coziness and tranquility. Within this gated community, there is 24 hour security, bus and shuttle service, a scenic lake, bike and walking trails, and outdoor recreation. In addition, this community is within easy reach of schools, businesses, fine dining, major highways, Jordan Lake, an international airport, and a variety of entertainment.

Perfect starter homes for young parents

Brown headed nuthatch
Brown headed nuthatch

Huge savings are available. No credit check or down payment required. However, an FBI background check will be necessary. Hatches in the Pines is the location for you. Customers are flocking to our neighborhoods.

Phase II slated to be released in early spring 2015.

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