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What's Happening Outside Now? Are Dog Days Here?

By Bill Willis

August 2, 2017

Dog playing in a field

Taking advantage of summer fields is just a part of a dog's life
Photo courtesy of

The Dog Days of Summer refers to the weeks between July 3rd and August 11th. They are named after the Dog Star (Sirius) in the constellation of Canis Major. Based on the calendar the answer is – YES.

What else is going on outside?

  • If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the _____________.
  • Bright, sizzling sunny days are here; you can drink to that.
  • Orange ozone days have been declared; you can’t drink to that.
  • Deer are hunkering down during the hottest part of the day.
  • Turtles appear to be spending more time submerged and drinking more water.
  • Slider turtles continue to deposit eggs on shore.
  • The blue-green/green algae mats along the shores of the lake are moving up and down in response to temperature changes.
  • Trees like tulip popular, birch, and buckeye are dropping leaves in response to hot, windy, and dry conditions.
  • Some plants experience “temporary wilt” and will recover with watering. If not, they may experience “permanent wilt” that can lead to death.
  • First year perennials should be watered regularly; 1 inch per week
  • A lawn can be cooler than the sidewalk or asphalt.
  • Bright, sizzling sunny days are here; you can drink to that.
  • A lawn can be cooler than the sidewalk or asphalt.
  • The Memorial Garden has received a new layer of pine straw and woodchip mulch.
  • The wildflower meadows have completed their initial round of flowering.
  • Turtles

    This is the life Shelly
    Courtesy of Bill WilliS

    Invasive Johnson grass is being dead headed as it flowers.
  • Yellow finches are picking seed from the flower heads.
  • The common milkweed in the Monarch Butterfly Garden is setting seed pods. Some plants will be cut back to encourage new growth for caterpillars and reduce aphid populations.
  • Toulouse the white goose has returned with different feather marking.
  • It’s mid-July and the Canada Geese have regained flight.

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