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Wildflowers in Research Triangle Park

Wildflowers in Research Triangle Park

By Ed Kang

July, 2013

Wildflowers blooming at NIEHS
Photo courtesy of Bill Blair, ORF

In a recent explosion of vibrancy, wild daisies, horsemint, black-eyed Susans, poppies, corn flowers, and other wildflowers have been blooming all over the grounds. The wildflowers are planted intentionally to reduce the cost of landscaping and mowing, while increasing the aesthetic beauty of the campus. Replanted every two years, the flowers are part of the Institute’s Landscape Master Plan, which was developed in 2001 by the Facilities Management Group and the Environmental Awareness Advisory Committee (EAAC). Enjoy the beauty of the wildflowers before they’re gone!

Wildflowers found on NIEHS campus
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