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North Valley Region, Tobacco Prevention Center

A Program of the American Lung Association of California, Superior Branch
2732A Cohasset Road,
Chico, CA 95973,

ToxRAP Map

Toxicology, Risk Assessment and Pollution
Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Instidute
University Of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-Robert Wood Johnson Medical
School of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Indoor Air Pollution, An Introduction for Health Professionals
American Lung Association, American Medical Association,
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency.

Chico Enterprise Record, Health, Michelle King, editor 7/28/01
"New Study Links Smoking and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome"
Peter Flemming, M.D., Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Bristol England.

NEWSWEEK, Smoking and Health, 10/21/96 "Cigarettes May Promote Blindness"
Journal of the American Medical Association

EPA Children and Secondhand Smoke,
National Service Center for Environmental Publications
IAQINFO 800-438-4318
fax 703-356-5385

Substance Abuse Prevention Activities, Patricia Rizzo Toner,

The Center for Applied Research in Education
West Nyak, New York

Irene Ruth Wilkenfeld
Environmental Health Consultant
Safe Schools

Continue with Environmental Pollution Health Problems
Key Signs and Symptoms List

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