Identity Theft Can Occur Anywhere, Anytime

Identity Theft Can Occur Anywhere, Anytime

Identity Theft Can Occur Anywhere, Anytime

By Bill Willis and Bill Steinmetz

December 5, 2017

NIEHS regular Toulouse
Don’t get caught napping, NIEHS regular Toulouse is aware of his credit reports on campus. (Photo courtesy of Bill Willis)

Reports occur frequently of someone tricked into giving out personal or confidential information when it isn’t appropriate to do so. Access to private data can be acquired through hacking and security breaches. The potential losses could be more than face, it could mean losing control of your assets and nest egg. But why would a goose be targeted?

Recently, a report out of Chapel Hill indicated that Toulouse (the resident NIEHS white goose)’s identity and status within the community might have been compromised. Pictures supplied by Youqi Tang seem to confirm that. A picture of the possible impostor in Chapel Hill shows a fowl of interest (FOI) standing in the roadway and encouraging others to do the same. The gaggle took flight when approached and their whereabouts are unknown at this time.

Toulouse was on campus at the time and no suspicious activity has yet occurred in any of his financial or credit accounts. He hasn’t tweeted or shared on public media. Just to be safe, his Equiquack credit report has been flagged to prevent any wrongdoer using his good name and personal information to their advantage.

Geese in Chapel Hill
A recent picture of a white bird with a gaggle of Canada Geese on the streets of Chapel Hill. (Photo courtesy of Youqi Tang)

If you encounter a similar situation away from campus and things just don’t look right, give the HSB Goose Center a call at 984-287-3397.

By working together and being observant, we can help protect the identities of those around us.

(In all seriousness, identify theft can be a problem for humans, particularly around the holidays. Take time to take precautions, stay alert for phishing emails and phone calls, and monitor your credit.)

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